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Hello dear teachers of English I love learning and I appreciate being corrected if I say somthing that doesn't sound right even if I can make myself understood. I prefer speaking and listening to reading and writing. By the way my spelling is absolutely awful. I need to look up almost everything in the dictionary when I write....hahaha. I still make mistakes in articles such as A and THE. I wonder if I will get it right one day if you have a tip to teach me how to be 100% sure about their usage I would kiss your hands. I would love to meet you and have a conversation see your evaluation of my progress and maybe have fun too :-) I would love to take one day some good international exam of English as a second language but I feel I'm not ready yet. I wish to excel to impress I'm not ambitious at all :-) this last part is really not important to me. It's more like a dream that is not realistic but is somehow stuck in the back of my mind. Please contact me if you are interested in sharing your knowledge with me. The best would be to contact me via My timetable varies often so ... I need somebody a bit flexible. Thank you


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