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Nationality: New Zealander
I teach: ~ English ~
I Live In: Brno
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Trevor Ayson B.A.

Nationality: New Zealander
I teach: ~ English ~
I Live In: Brno
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Kia ora! (Hi!) Here's your opportunity to improve your English with a lively, friendly native speaker  who is neither British, Australian, South African, American, nor Canadian. I'm a New Zealander! And the only New Zealand teacher on this website! :-) Need more grammar knowledge? Need Business English? Need preparation for an English exam, an interview, or a job abroad? Or just want to be more confident speaking everyday English with foreign friends or business/work colleagues? You got it! I can help you to speak English and read English aloud with confidence, thanks to my background in radio and theatre. Not only can I teach you what to say, but how to say it correctly, with the right intonation,etc. Too busy to meet at your workplace? No worries! I can come to your home as I travel by car.
And I'm not just a "talking head" either. With 15 years of experience of writing for radio and newspapers, plus more than a decade of teaching experience working with teenagers and adults, along with training in teacher methodology, I can also help you with your written English, as well as offering a proofreading service for texts or study theses in English. I'm your one-stop spoken & written English communication shop! Please note: I have a lesson cancellation policy. Lessons are paid in advance by agreement.

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Price for 60 minutes 450 CZK
Price for 90 minutes 550 CZK

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The listed rates are for individual lessons. Group rates are also available.

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I have known Trevor for over a year and I have always enjoyed his lessons.
Every time Trevor comes up with interesting topics and very well prepared. What I particularly like about Trevor is his sense of humour, friendliness and the ability to talk about anything. I definitely recommend Trevor for English lessons.

Trevora znam neco pres rok a lekce s nim se mi vzdy libi. Velmi ocenuji, jak se na lekce pripravuje a ze vybira zajimava temata. Na Trevorovi mam rada jeho smysl pro humor, pratelsky postoj a schopnost bavit se o cemkoliv. Trevora mohu jen doporucit.

Lucie Jagosova

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Trevora znám již dlouhou dobu, protože mě učil na střední škole. Nyní za mnou již několik měsíců dochází domů na soukromé hodiny a musím říct, že jsem vždy velmi spokojená a na každou hodinu se těším. Výuka má systém a řád, ale zároveň je plná zábavy. S Trevorem se můžete bavit o čemkoliv, má skvělý přehled a znalosti od hudby, filmu až po veřejné dění. Je sám sebou a takoví lidé jsou nejlepší, proto ho doporučuji každému, kdo chce mít po každé hodině angličtiny skvělý pocit :).

S pozdravem,
Hana Váňová

I have known Trevor for a long time because he taught me at high school. Currently, I am attending his private English lessons at home for several months and I must say that I am always very happy and I look forward to every lesson. The teaching has a system and order but it is also lot of fun. You can talk about everything with him because he has excellent overview and knowledge from music, movies to public news. He is true to himself and these people are the best ones. This is why I recommend Trevor for everyone who wants to have a great feeling after every lesson with him :).

Yours sincerely,
Hana Váňová.

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Trevor nám byl doporučen od známých, dochází 1x týdně domů. Vždy přesně na čas, vždy výborně na hodinu připraven - hodina má spád, je pestrá (poslech, konverzace, gramatika, porozumění čtenému textu). Když nás bylo v hodině více, tak velmi spravedlivě rozděluje prostor pro všechny, aby nikdo nebyl o svoji porci výuky ošizen. Lze se dopředu domluvit na tématu, které se stane předmětem hodiny. Musím jen doporučit. Na rozdíl od jiných 'native speaker's' je velmi vzdělaný a má mimořádný všeobecný přehled.

We are seeing Trevor once a week. He comes always on time, very well prepared for the lessons, which are always very interesting and the time goes by very quickly (hearing, reading, grammar, conversation). It is always possible to agree with him, what would be the topic of the following lesson and what we would like to focus on. I am very glad that we have met him and that he has become our family teacher. I recommend Trevor to everybody who take learning English seriously.

S úctou/ Yours sincerely

MUDr. Jiří Vyskočil

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What I Like About The Czech Republic:

The beer, the food and the women, especially the last thing as I married a local girl! :-) You are also pretty good at ice hockey here too!

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English Native Speaker, A Smidgen Of Czech

Hobbies And Interests:

Films, theatre & the performing arts, singing/acting/directing, the visual arts, fashion, food, wine, watching sports: (rugby, cricket, netball, field hockey, ice hockey, athletics etc) reading, politics and current affairs, travelling, cars, etc - so I always have a conversation topic up my sleeve!


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Certificate in Broadcast Communications - I have a 15 year background in media and communication, first as a announcer/copywriter for commercial radio, and then as a print journalist, so I have extensive experience in writing both spoken and written English. I also have a theatrical background and all of this communication experience, along with my professional development in the form of teacher methodology training, help my clients become more fluent in English.


I have experience teaching:
FCE, CAE, Business English, Advanced English, English Conversation, Intensive English lessons,

Companies Taught For:
Honeywell, DHL, Kompan, BGS Levy, Motorola, Lear, Dixon Retail, Hempel, Smurfit Kappa, CDV, Centre for Family & Social Care Brno

Schools Taught for:
Top Language Centre, Hope Language School, and three grammar schools in Brno preparing students for their school leaving exams..

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5 + Years