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Nationality: British
I teach: ~ English ~
I Live In: Prague
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Nationality: British
I teach: ~ English ~
I Live In: Prague
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Hi there! My name is Nerissa. I am 25 years old and have been living in Prague for two months.
I successfully completed my CELTA training in June 2019.
I have a Masters in Global Security from the University of Glasgow and worked there for 2 years in the Research Impact Office. This experience ensures I am able to engage with students from a wide variety of industry fields.
I am able to teach a variety of age levels as I have 1 years childcare experience and 9 years customer service experience. These roles have provided me with the necessary skills to be a perfect fit in a private school, corporation or as an after-school tutor. 

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I would like to gain as much experience teaching as possible. Therefore, offers for hourly rates can be made directly to me, at your discretion.

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Neseriózní člověk. Požaduje 100 Kč za zrušení lekce méně než 24 hodin předem, ale sama si klidně lekci zruší pouhých pár hodin předem.

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About Me

Looking For:
Privates, Company Classes, Language School Classes

What I Like About The Czech Republic:

I love learning new languages so my favorite thing about the Czech Republic is that everyday, I am learning something new! 
I also really like the Czech culture - relaxed but efficient. I think people in the Czech Republic are less frantic than in the UK and this makes the quality of life better here. 

In the Czech Republic Since:

Languages I Speak:
Basic French, Spanish And Italian

Hobbies And Interests:

I am an avid reader. I read everything and anything. In particular, I like romantic stories or classic crime like Agatha Christie and Dorothy L Sayers. I am looking to join a book club here in Prague, as a way of expanding my tastes. 
I have practiced yoga for 5 years. I use it daily as an effective means of combatting stress and physical discomfort. In the future, I would like to qualify as a yoga teacher. 
I love hiking. I have just completed the Camino de Santiago (del Norte route) this summer, having started in Santander. I intend to do the Primitivo route next year and perhaps one day the Camino from Prague! 

Edinburgh, Scotland

Native Speaker
I have an EU Passport


High school
TEFL Certificate

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I have experience teaching:
English for Beginners, Advanced English, English Conversation,

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0 - 1 Years