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We are looking for a native English speaking teacher for our nearly 7 years old daughter. We are Czech /English/Spanish speaking family but non are native English and for our daughter we would like once a week 2-3 hours playtime and activity interaction teaching with native English speaking teacher. We do not expect intensive teaching but playful interaction and expanding vocabulary in topics which are similar to what is being taught in preschool and for her age. Times and days which would be suitable are preferable Wednesdays, there would be occasional flexibility if needed to change to Tuesday between weeks. The availability is due to other activities for the rest of the week. Times between 16:00 and 17:00 start till 19:00. We live in Uvaly which is 25 min from Masarykovo Nadrazi / Hlavni Nadrazi by train, peak time every 15 minutes, line S1/S7. Prague Travel Pass Litacka is valid to one stop before Uvaly, small charge after that till Uvaly. There is an option to extend the teaching for one more hour, as our previous teacher, she was also teaching one more student and the family is also interested to continue. This could be potentially up 4 hours of teaching time in one afternoon. This is also an opportunity to experience small town and family atmosphere.


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