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Nationality: British
I teach: ~ English ~
I Live In: Prague
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Michael Homfray-Davies

Nationality: British
I teach: ~ English ~
I Live In: Prague
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English Law expert. Now offering classes for Adults! I am currently looking for adult students interested in legal English or Conversational English.  I have 40 years experience in law as an advocate and a judge.

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I had a pleasure to work with Michael and all I can say is don't hesitate to hire him as your personal language trainer. Money spent on private sessions with this teacher was excellent investment. After that time I can see a significant development of my language skills. I can truly recommend him as a teacher, he has very good work ethics and is very interesting as a person. Believe me you won't be disappointed.

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I had been studying English for many years when I decided to hire Michael. I changed my job and I found out that I needed improve my English - especially Legal English. At the beginning I was too slow in writing emails in English. However, during a few lessons with Michael I could feel certain improvement. Michael is really patient and smart English teacher. Not only does he help me with writing emails but also he helps me with my pronunciation. He is able to explain to me the tiny differences in using English which are important to me in order to get better.

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Michael is an amazing teacher as well as a person with a great spirit, if youre searching for a person with a preferably british accent and a wide range of interests you found your man!
Michael gives you space to talk plus writes down all the mistakes you make meanwhile and corrects you in the end.
He's flexible too, so it shouldnt be a problem arranging a schedule.
A big recomendation for me!

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 Michael is a great teacher and a great person. We had a great lessons. I like his way of teaching – I talked and he corrected me. He wrote notes and the next time he was prepared and so we could practice my weak places. We had intensive meetings in the city, and he was very flexible with arranging times. He also give me a lot of encouragement for a job interview which was my aim. I can really recommend you have lessons with him.

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I chose Michael because I wanted to practice my English with an English - preferrably English English rather than American, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Australian and whatnot English - speaker both experienced in legal English and having an extensive vocabulary including command of three-syllable and longer words, combined with passion for law, politics, and similar themes causing excessive sleepiness in commonplace teachers.

I read Michael’s website on the art and necessity of listening and being mindful and I thought, well a teacher who is able to listen to his student might be worth trying.

He was. Michael is a highly attentive listener who has the great advantage of being able to immediately process what he hears. This rare combination makes him a perfect counterpart for the sort of chatterbox I am. Despite the intensity of our discussion he is always careful to error correct me, which is very important for a non-native advanced speaker.

We have discussed various political topics, and I have particularly enjoyed our conversations about aspects of the English law, and the social, and jurisprudential issues that arise. As a practicing barrister in crime and family matters for many years and an employment judge with special focus on discrimination cases, Michael has acquired a deep understanding of law and an extensive experience of the rich, ultra-formal, colourful, and bloody difficult English legal language. As such, he is a rare breed of teacher combining a specialty with love for the language of Shakespeare.

I can highly recommend Michael as an English teacher and a great person.


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I had 6 lessons with Michael. I chose him, because he presented himself in a very positive way in his teacher profile. And he described himself very precisely. He was always in a good mood and positive. He is very knowledgeable on a lot of topics, so the conversation was always interesting. He can correct your mistakes and explain why it is not correct, or he can let you speak to improve your fluency. 5 stars from 5.

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About Me

Looking For:
Privates, Company Classes

What I Like About The Czech Republic:

To me Prague is a majestic city of great cultural interest that has embraced modern Europeanism. It is vital, and exciting. I have met many innovative forward looking people. It is a great interntational city. It is a city of possibility. Whereas the UK has become tired and stale; and to some extent hide bound by protective and limiting regulation. The Czech Republic feels so much fresher to me. And I love the countryside and mountains. Everyday life, especially in the country, has a refreshing simplicity and friendship.

In the Czech Republic Since:

Languages I Speak:
Italian, Some French, A Smattering Of German

Hobbies And Interests:

I am very fond of classical music, especially the opera; I have found there is much exprimental theatre in this city, which I enjoy. And the Tea Houses; they are havens of strange teas, interesting people, and a variety of activities. I like walking, reading, chatting over a cup of tea or coffee, and exploring different genres of cafe and eating establishments. I also have a lot of fun adventuring to new parts of the city in search of bio foods, which I find often in quaint little corners. Learning the Czech language, which requires dedication, immense patience and loads of self-compassion.

Born In London, Living In Prague

Native Speaker
Zivnostensky List/business license
I have an EU Passport


High school
TEFL Certificate

Additional Information:

I am willing and able to help you with legal language, legal documents, drafting letters, constructing contracts, and anything to do with labor law. 

 Apart from teaching English, I also teach The Art of Listening, which is a mindful based program. To learn more about this, contact me for a FREE consultation.


I have experience teaching:
CPE, Legal English, Advanced English, English Conversation, Intensive English lessons, English for Seniors,

Companies Taught For:

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Other countries Taught In:

Years Teaching:
1 - 3 Years