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Nationality: British
I teach: ~ English ~, ~ French ~
I Live In: Prague
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James Ferry

Nationality: British
I teach: ~ English ~, ~ French ~
I Live In: Prague
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Hi, do you want to be error-corrected?

I want you to speak as natural and fluent English as possible, and I aim to achieve this by:
 - Highlighting your weaknesses and helping you make them stronger 
 - Correcting your mistakes and explaining to you why they are mistakes 
 - Providing you with more natural, native ways of expressing an idea
 - Providing you with support in between lessons
 - If I haven't mentioned this already, I want to error-correct you 

If you simply want to speak English, you don't need me - you can do this with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

If you want a certified English teacher who actually cares about your progress and wants to correct your English, contact me.

Teaching Rates

Price for 45 minutes 700 CZK
Price for 60 minutes 800 CZK
Price for 90 minutes 1000 CZK
Price for 120 minutes 1150 CZK

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The best teacher I´ve ever had. Always prepared.

Always with excellent preparation for lessons.
Individual approach.

I do recomend James!

thank you James

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James was always positively tuned and open to any topic to discuss. I wanted to mainly speak as I do not get a chance to speak English as much at work as I would like to. So, our lesson was full of speaking and covering many different topics. James used his special method of teaching when he listened very carefully to my speech and after I finished my speaking he pointed out my mistakes. During my speaking he made notes of them and after my speech he explained them to me. I loved the way he did it because this is the perfect way for me how to improve my English. Of course, when we touched a grammar point which was not clear enough to me, I received a grammar lesson. But James knew that I could learn English grammar from an English grammar book but I could not talk with a book. :)

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James was my teacher for more than a year and I have to say that I looked forward to every single lesson. Despite of his young age he is professional, reliable and very knowledgeable. He always tried to prepare interesting topics to talk about and we had a lot of fun during lessons. And I can confirm he is really oriented to error correction - sometimes just his look was enough to realize that I made a mistake again :-) I can highly recommend James to everyone who wants to make a progress in English or just have an opportunity to speak with a smart and open-minded native.

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James has been my English teacher for about 12 months. He is great in explaining the subject matter. He corrects mistakes very consistently . He is very reliable and has never been late. He can be very open and honest and willing to hear about private problems. So he can also substitute the role of a psychotherapist. I also like his British sense of humor so the lessons with him are pretty much fun.

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James was my french teacher.
In the beginning I was skeptical because I didn’t know how close an English person could be to an actual French native (in terms of deep knowledge and accent). However, James has an almost native French accent and can explain in depth the french grammatical phenomena, as well as the french slang.
With his fresh and unique teaching methods, he keeps the lesson effective, engaging and fun. James is a very patient, intelligent and vastly knowledgeable person. You can always count on him to correct every mistake that you make and at the same time to encourage you to practice and learn something new in every lesson. He is always on time, ready to help, very easy going and kind.
I highly recommend him!

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...because he's gonna be sooo full of himself now :-)...but the truth is James is an amazing teacher. Despite his youth he's very responsible, wise and empathetic. He's also patient, calm, very professional and fun to be with. He doesn't strictly follow a textbook, he always tries to bring up current topics and teach you how to put things the easiest way. He corrects my mistakes all the time, which doesn't actually improve my overall self-confidence but it pretty well improves my ability to speak English. He can be versatile upon your wish - he will teach you how to swear properly, aswell as how to conversate with Her Majesty The Queen :-)

A malá recenze pro začátečníky: James je skvělý učitel, i pokud nejste příliš pokročilí. Je extrémně kreativní při vysvětlování slovíček i gramatiky, klidně vám namaluje graf, najde edukativní video nebo si s vámi poslechne písničku, a pak přeloží její smysl. Můžete se s ním věnovat kterékoli oblasti, protože má vynikající všeobecný přehled. James je strašně profesionální, vše má vždy pečlivě připravené, nikdy nepřišel pozdě, ale mě se na něm nejvíc líbí jeho upřímnost, smysl pro humor a neuvěřitelný cit pro jazyk. Moc ho doporučuji, pokud se chcete naučit mluvit tak přirozeně jak je to jen možné.

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It's not a classic hour, but actually like talking to a friend. An hour full of fun, colorfull and interesting communication, new phrases, but it always runs away so fast. At James, I greatly appreciate his punctuality (never ever came late), carefully prepared materials and his empathy. His way of learning suits me absolutely - a lot of communication, follow-up with errors notification and their explanation and ... send a summary of the lesson to the e-mail is icing on the cake. He's a master at explaining! :-) My 2 kids, who James teaches in a playful way, never want to let him go and very often during the week ask when James will come. I can truly recommend James as an English teacher at 100%! You will learn smoothly!

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There were many English teachers throughout my studies, but none can compare to James. He was always perfectly prepared for our classes. I cannot highlight this enough - the level of dedication and home preparation for our lessons is something I have never seen before. James has a great sense of humour, classes are both educational and fun. I was never bored or checking the time to see when would the class end (unlike with many other teachers I worked with). I can sincerely recommend him.

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To be honest, i have never had better teacher. He came every lesson on time and well prepared. The lessons were interesting and productive. You can discuss about everything with him and he correct you when it is needed.

Best teacher ever. Thank you James.

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James was the third English teacher I had and I can say that he was the best. All our lessons were fun, we talked a lot. It felt like a chat with a friend not a lesson. I can highly recommend him to everyone who wants to practice their English in very natural way.

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His advantage is clarity of interpretation and the ability to explain in detail the misunderstood problem. Clear notes on the board, which then send me to mail. It saves me time in class for speaking and it helps me to repeat it. Added value is his knowledge of multiple languages, similar words...
It's nice, that he try to learn Czech. Well understands my problem to speak English - the opposite order of words in sentences.

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He is reliable and patient. He plans his time well. He talks well about all the topics. He should travel more in the Czech Republic:-)
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About Me

Looking For:

What I Like About The Czech Republic:

Czech beer (obviously!) and Czech humour. I feel that despite the different languages, the Czechs and the British share a similar dark sense of humour which I love. 

In the Czech Republic Since:

Languages I Speak:
English, French, Spanish, Italian

Hobbies And Interests:

 - Reading (specifically Jack Reacher novels)
 - Studying languages (I'm currently studying Portuguese and Czech)
 - Exercise (running, weights, hiking) 

Norwich, England

Native Speaker
Zivnostensky List/business license
I have an EU Passport


TEFL Certificate

Additional Information:

 - I have a BA in French and Spanish studies from Nottingham Trent University - I know how hard it is to learn a language!

 - I am a certified TEFL teacher - Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification, obtained from The Language House in Prague. 

 - I taught at James Cook Languages for 18 months. Most of the classes were between 1-3 adult students. 
 - I am currently teaching children aged 6-9 as well. 


I have experience teaching:
English for Children, English for Beginners, Advanced English, English Conversation, Intensive English lessons,

Companies Taught For:

Schools Taught for:
James Cook Languages, Polyglot

Other countries Taught In:
Poland, Romania

Years Teaching:
1 - 3 Years