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Nationality: British
I teach: ~ English ~
I Live In: Prague
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Guy Creasy

Nationality: British
I teach: ~ English ~
I Live In: Prague
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I specialise in conversational English.  My background is finance; I worked in various investment companies before running my own (non-finance) business.  I have been teaching English semi-professionally for the last two years.  I believe the key for mastering a language is to speak, speak and speak.  I will help you do this and make it fun at the same time.

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Price for 45 minutes 300 CZK
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1st lesson 250 czk

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Lectures with Guy were really helpful. I had a problem with speaking (I was a little embarrassed), but we worked on it and now I can speak normally with anyone. We focused on pronunciation and if I had a particular problem with something Guy prepared for me a special exercise to reduce my mistakes.

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Mr. Creasy is very attentive and friendly teacher.
He prepared theme of each lesson exactly as needed for my improvement.
I strongly recommend him :)

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Its a pleasant place to live

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Cycle touring, history, music and people

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