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Nationality: Canadian
I teach: ~ English ~, ~ German ~
I Live In: Prague
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Daniel Andr

Nationality: Canadian
I teach: ~ English ~, ~ German ~
I Live In: Prague
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Hello! I'm a TEFL Certified native English speaker from Toronto, Canada. In addition to English, I also speak German, French, Romanian, and Russian. Since I have learned some languages myself, I know how language learning works and what it takes to learn a new language. I've always had a passion for languages and I would like to use that to help you discover the beauty of languages for yourself and to help you reach your language learning goals. 

A bit about my language history: I grew up speaking Romanian at home, French at school, English with my friends, and then I learned Russian in university to go study for a year in Austria (if that makes any sense ;) ).

I believe in what I call "natural and organic" language learning - not trying to memorize a thousand and one rules with a thousand and one exceptions. Learning a language the right way does not and should not feel like climbing an endless mountain.

If learning feels like you're climbing an endless linguistic mountain it's because you're not doing it right!

Let's explore together!

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Prague is a beautiful city - I always say that it looks like it came out of a fairytale. The food and drink isn't bad either!

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English, German, Romanian, French, Russian

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Languages! I also like hockey, soccer, tennis, cycling, history, reading, and travelling


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I have an EU Passport


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TOEFL, English Conversation,

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