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Hello, I´m Dana and I'm looking for a native speaker teacher to improve my English, especially conversation, but also grammar, listening and maybe, in the future, I´ll plan to pass some English exams. . I prefer to learn English with a teacher about 1 - 1.5 hours a week now, roughly from April, possibly even twice a week. I have learned English for many years, but I do not have a chance to talk at work, so I'm not getting much better. Why do I want to learn English? I would like to talk to people more during my vacation abroad, not only to arrange accommodation, to buy meals and tickets for the public transport, and then to spend a holiday in a Czech bubble. I want to be independent of my teenage-children who are getting better in English than me. I would like to understand the films in the original version, English is so beautiful and although we have excellent dubbing, the original version is much better. There are so many English books that have never been translated into Czech! There are so many foreigners living in Prague that it is almost disgraceful to be unable to speak English. I love traveling, I like watching films, going to theater, reading books although I do not have enough time because of family, work, excuses... :-) I´m not very talkative person, that is maybe reason, why I´m still intermediate...


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