What is Teacher Creature? 

Teacher Creature is a database of English teachers who live in Prague and the Czech Republic.  (You can also find Spanish teachers, Russian teachers, French teachers, German teachers, etc.)

Unlike using a language agency or school to find a teacher for you, here you select your own teacher and negotiate your own terms.  How much you will pay for your English lessons is between you and the teacher.  



How do I find an English teacher?


      1. Go to www.teacher-creature.com

      2. Choose your city and the language you want to study (ex. Prague,


      3. Click “Search”

      4. You will see a list of teachers (ex. English teachers in Prague)

      5. Click on a teacher to read more about him/her


How do I contact an English teacher?


      1. Click on a teacher's photo.

      2. On the right side of the profile page you will see a link: “Write to    

          this teacher.”


Does it cost anything to contact a teacher?

No.  It’s free.

What should I say when I write a teacher?

You can write anything you like.  But I would recommend:


      1. Introduce yourself (ex. name, background, profession, etc.).

      2. Say what you need (ex. help preparing for the FCE).

      3. Ask any questions you have.

      4. Propose a day, time and location to meet.


Do I have to live in the Czech Republic?

Yes, since all the teacher on the site also live in the Czech Republic.  One exception is that if you’re willing to arrange remote lessons; for example, over Skype.  

Do you interview your teachers?

No, I don't.No. I usually never even meet the teachers on the 

How do I know a teacher is good?

You will probably have to meet with him or her first, maybe even have several lessons, before you will be able to tell if he or she is a good teacher.  Some things to keep in mind though are:


  • Is the teacher on time?  Reliable?
  • Is the teacher prepared?
  • And, how do you feel with the teacher?  Is it a good personal match?

How do the teachers on Teacher Creature compare to teachers who work in a language school?

Most of the teachers you will find here also work for language schools and agencies.  It’s typical for a teacher to have a full-time schedule with a school, and to also have a few private students for some extra money.  So, the teachers are most likely the same as you would find at a language school.







Do I have to live in the Czech Republic?

Yes.  The students using the site live in the Czech Republic and will expect to have lessons with a teacher who is not located too far away.  One exception I can think of is if you offer lessons via Skype.

Does it cost anything to post my profile?

Nope.  Everything on the site for teachers is free.

I'm leaving the Czech Republic. How do I delete my profile?

1. login
2. go to 'Account Settings' at the top of the page
3. click the 'Delete Account' button at the bottom