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Hello. I a trying to help out my son with finding someone who can help him with learning basic conversational Czech language in everyday situations. He is a 45 year old, American Photographer/Tour Guide living & working in Prague and recently separated from his wife who is CZ. and did most of the translations for him. He isn’t bi-lingual. He speaks fluent English, naturally, and speaks and understands some very basic CZ. He is having a hard time with everyday tasks of native conversational language in Czech at the grocery store, doctor offices, communications with his landlord, etc. Looking for someone who will meet him on location (coffee shop, grocery, retail store, etc.) where he can learn to interact with the others using the native language in live situations. Preference: A teacher who is speaks both good English and conversational CZ language and would also be willing, if needed, to do some translation for him. Thank you for getting in touch with me. Sheri H


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