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Národnost: Britská
Vyučovaný jazyk: ~ English ~, ~ Spanish ~, ~ Czech ~, ~ French ~, ~ Other ~
Město: Praha
Vaše osobní zkušenost může velmi pomoci ostatním studentům. Díky!
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Národnost: Britská
Vyučovaný jazyk: ~ English ~, ~ Spanish ~, ~ Czech ~, ~ French ~, ~ Other ~
Město: Praha
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Want to master the language? I will make you grasp it tailoring fun real life and professional topics right for you.

Why I am your person?

- I am a true bilingual (EN-CZ) linguistic expert, who will help you to fully grasp the language. I will translate every single word you are not sure about. No more confusion about vocabulary.

- I will tell you why grammar matters and explain why you make mistakes.

- I will coach you to perfection, identifying where you communicate incorrectly and how to take you yet further.

- I have been working for the EU, the Czech National Bank, Czech government and various universities.

- I have got Linguistic and Education degrees from the Netherlands, the UK and South Africa.

- I have lived and worked in the UK, the Netherlands and Spain.

- If I cannot personally attend to you I have a team of experts one of which I can assign to your after a 'Fit to Click' assessment.

Ceny Výuky

Cena za 60 minut from 900 CZK

Dodatečné informace k cenám:

My Rates Vary Depending on the Preparation/Coaching Sort and Number of Attendees:

Conversations CZK 900/60 min.
General Language (grammar explained, targeted vocab enhancing) CZK 1000 CZK/60 min.
Certificate and Specialised Lessons 1000 CZK/60 min.
Customised Language Coaching CZK 1200 CZK/60 min. - presenting, political language, eloquence, writing papers
15% surcharge for a second attendee
13.7% if I do not attend to you personally
Group prices upon specific enquiry

Lesson Reviews

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Djali is a professional teacher who can improve your language very quickly. Of course it is only up to you if you will cooperate, do homework and learn what she says and recommends you. But she is definitely able to adapt to your level of speech, focus on your mistakes and in very friendly way of communication make your verbal expression more and more better!

It is only up to you if you only want someone for chit-chat in a foreign language, if you want to improve your verbal communication or grammar, or if you want to let her prepare you for any certificate. Djali is the right person for all of the above!

I have been under her wings for two years and I feel my English is so much better. I wasn't able to read articles or watch movies before but now I read everything what interests me in English and it does work! I watch movies and listen my favourite music and I understand it! Thanks to Djali!

I believe it is thanks to her way of learning. Every our lesson was actually meeting of two friends who talked about interesting topics (what we chose before or what we just want to discuss) during drinking coffe and eating a cake. We were chit-chating and in the meantime she was writting down notes - the mistakes I made - what we were focusing the next time.

Most of all! Djali is not only an absolutely professional tutor. She is a very friendly person who cares about you and your personal life as well, she listens what do you say and what else she remembers it!

I highly recomend her if you want to improve your language and meet a specific, friendly, ambitious and very inteligent person! She is definitely worth the money you will spend on her lessons.

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I've experiences Djali's teaching during an intensive 3 days grammar course. I can only say: Try it and you see the difference. Both thumbs up.

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I have been in Djali's language training since 2012. Thanks to my improvement and Djali's comprehensive tutoring skills I decided to take BEC (Business English Certificate) this year. I had never met a teacher like Djali before, one that would be able to explain everything, yet not bore you, but entertain you. She always tunes in with my needs making me feel at ease, but ever improving. Thanks to the broad knowledge Djali has, she can cater for an incredible variety of educational needs.

Jakub Vejvoda
IT Specialist
Boston Consulting Group

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Djali was my English conversation teacher for a year, during which she proved to be an enthusiastic, result-oriented teacher. She takes advantage of being a native speaker in both English and Czech, due to which she is able to properly explain everything from the slightest nuances to the most complicated idioms. She is a flexible person, always willing to adjust her schedule according to clients’ needs.
I have also attended an external training lead by Djali, focused on cross-cultural communication, which I found very useful in my day-to-day work. The training was properly tailored to fit our firm needs, and it explained the cultural differences among various foreign countries we work with on a daily basis, which has improved our communication towards them.
I would recommend Djali not just to anyone who needs to improve his English proficiency, but also to people who need a specific training within her broad expertise.

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Alex Suchy, Prague

The first language I have studied is Czech and lessons with Djali have been invaluable. She is a patient and friendly which immediately puts you at ease. She is able to explain the complicated czech grammar in simple terms and I have seen good progress. The fact that she speaks really good english was very useful in the initial stages when I was unable to communicate effectively in Czech. If you genuinely want to speak Czech and are sick of people telling you that it is too hard to learn, take some lessons with Djali and prove them wrong.

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