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členka od: 2019  |  poslední přihlášení: 11/10/2019

Národnost: Britská
Vyučovaný jazyk: ~ English ~
Město: Praha
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David Denfield

Národnost: Britská
Vyučovaný jazyk: ~ English ~
Město: Praha
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I'm a native English speaker from London, with what is known as a "Received Pronunciation" English accent. As well as teaching English, I have worked in the film industry; run bars and restaurants, and worked in research for tech startups. Before coming to Prague I lived in Jakarta, where I taught and worked as a proof reader. 

This diverse life experience enables me to converse on a very wide range of subjects, as well as tailoring lessons to the individual needs of each student. 

I specialise in intermediate to advanced level UK English, focusing on writing and conversation, as well as refining presentation skills and grammar. 

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One lesson free with every block of ten hours booked. 

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Simply said a wonderful lesson. David helped me with all aspects of English. The lesson was ment to last for one hour but it was so interesting that I couldn´t leave. I am certainly interested in having more lessons with this teacher. David thank you. Talk to you soon.

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Most of my time is spent in Prague, and, as well as the physical attractions of the city, what I love most is its incredible intellectual history as one of central Europe's cultural centres. 

Prague is a city in which people can freely go about their lives, without the sense of intense pressure which is the signature of London life.

I'm looking forward to exploring more of the country, especially the vineyards of Moravia.

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Cooking, and all things related to food and drink. 
Film, from cinematic classics to fringe cult movies.
Walking and exploring the city.
Books- the pleasure of finding is almost equal to that of reading.

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Native Speaker
I have an EU Passport


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Obchodní angličtina, Pokročilá angličtina, Konverzace v angličtině, Intenzivní lekce angličtiny,

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Czechinvest, SPCSS,

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Presto language school, Great Chapel college

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England, Indonesia

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