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členka od: 2018  |  poslední přihlášení: 14/03/2019

Národnost: Americká
Vyučovaný jazyk: ~ English ~
Město: Praha
Vaše osobní zkušenost může velmi pomoci ostatním studentům. Díky!
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Christina Yu

Národnost: Americká
Vyučovaný jazyk: ~ English ~
Město: Praha
Váš hlas: Žádné

Improve your English skills and your confidence and enjoyment learning a new language!
My name is Christina, and I am from the Boston area in the U.S. I am a certified TEFL English teacher (The Language House) and completed my training with 120+ hours of instruction and 9 hours spent teaching real, Czech students. I have university degrees in psychology and art, and I have a background in business.

I aim for my students to not only improve their English skills through natural usage — speaking, reading, writing, and listening — but also to increase their confidence and enjoyment.

Group Classes

I offer group classes at a reduced cost (100 CZK/60 minutes), twice per week, with a second instructor! Students receive more individual attention while still in a group setting. 

*These classes average 3-8 students and can vary in length (60/90/120 minutes) depending on student interest/availability. Send me a message at for availability.

Additional Services

Proofreading, editing, and in-depth consultation for academic, business, or formal writing (-1  CZK/word)

Ceny Výuky

Cena za 45 minut 350 CZK
Cena za 60 minut 400 CZK
Cena za 90 minut 500 CZK
Cena za 120 minut 650 CZK

Lesson Reviews

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Privates, Company Classes

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I have loved seeing and learning about Czech history. Having lived in two different places in Prague, I have been able to get to know different areas and neighborhoods. I look forward to traveling outside of Prague, too, perhaps to Brno and other cities, to experience other parts of the Czech Republic and its culture. So far, I have loved all of the food and culture festivals!

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English, Spanish

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I also work as a freelance graphic designer. I create logos, pamphlets, brochures, and other materials for businesses. Outside of my work, I spend my time drawing and sketching. I also love digital and film photography and videography. Traveling is something I enjoy, which is common amongst teachers who have left the U.S. to live and work in Prague! Mostly, I love finding quaint cafés and places that sell chai lattes where I can sit, read or work, and listen to café music.

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