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členka od: 2013  |  poslední přihlášení: 13/07/2015

Národnost: Americká
Vyučovaný jazyk: ~ English ~
Město: Praha
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Chris Foxwell

Národnost: Americká
Vyučovaný jazyk: ~ English ~
Město: Praha
Váš hlas: Žádné

Hello! I am a native English speaker with TEFL certification and 8 years of teaching experience. I have taught English in Europe, the United States, and the Middle East, in many different settings: university, public school, volunteer, group lessons, and intensive individual lessons. I have lived in Prague since October 2013.

In addition to teaching general English, I specialize in teaching grammar, conversation, and test preparation. I also work as a teacher-trainer, introducing new English teachers to the art of teaching and helping to improve their methodology and presentation.

My students come from many different cultures and backgrounds, and my classes are always personalized and engaging. Please contact me if you are interested in private lessons -- I always enjoy meeting new students!

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Cena za 45 minut 375 CZK
Cena za 60 minut 500 CZK
Cena za 90 minut 750 CZK
Cena za 120 minut 1000 CZK

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Contact me for information on my editing, proofreading, and copywriting rates.

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I have lived in Prague for over a year now, but I am still learning about the Czech culture and the people. So far, I love it! The geography and terrain are beautiful, the people are generous and friendly (but private, which I respect), and the beer is tasty and cheap. I own a dog, and I am amazed at how dog-friendly Prague is -- a very welcome experience after 5 years of living in the Middle East!

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Tennis, music (folk, classical, alternative), fitness (weightlifting and running), English grammar and etymology, astrophysics, Tolkien Studies, Anglo-Saxon and Celtic literature

Rodné město:
Boston, USA

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I also own and operate a freelance English editing and copywriting business. My experience includes working with professors and students, international corporations, and small businesses. Feel free to contact me for any editing or proofreading needs.


Mám zkušenosti s výukou:
CAE, Pokročilá angličtina, Konverzace v angličtině,

Firmy kde jsem vyučoval:
U.S. Peace Corps; U.S. Embassy (Amman, Jordan); YWCA Vocational Center (Amman, Jordan); Centro Presente (Boston, USA)

Školy pro které jsem vyučoval:
Mo'tuh University (Jordan); Hmoud Secondary School for Boys (Jordan); Channel Crossings (Prague); Wall Street English, manager & teacher (Prague); The Language House TEFL (Prague)

Jiné země kde jsem vyučoval:
United States; Jordan

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více než 5 let