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Národnost: Americká
Vyučovaný jazyk: ~ English ~
Město: Praha
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Alex Hornaday

Národnost: Americká
Vyučovaný jazyk: ~ English ~
Město: Praha
Váš hlas: Žádné


I have a J.D. (American law degree) from Washington and Lee Univeristy School of Law and 10 years of experience as a practicing lawyer in the United States.  As a lawyer I specialized in complex contract disputes.

I now specialize in teaching legal English to Czech students, especially with regard to contract interpretation, negotiation, and drafting.  However, I can also offer general English or business English. Another speciality of mine is helping students prepare, practice, and perfect business presentations. I have taught English at all levels, but because my Czech is minimal I am best suited to teach students who are intermediate (B.1) or above.

My teaching style is engaging, productive, and flexible.  I strongly believe that language students do best when the lessons are enjoyable.  Sometimes legal topics can be dry and dull, so I often try to liven lessons up with a variety of materials, such as games, videos and current events, in addition to examples of actual legal documents and disputes.

Please note: I do not have experience teaching children, so another teacher will be better for students under the age 18.

Ceny Výuky

Cena za 45 minut 350 CZK
Cena za 60 minut 450 CZK
Cena za 90 minut 600 CZK

Dodatečné informace k cenám:

Prices listed are for general English.  My legal or business English rates are 500 CZK for 60 minutes, and 700 CZK for 90 minutes.  I do not offer 45 minute lessons for legal or business English.

I offer a free half hour to determine the student's needs and decide if we are a good match.

I also offer a small discount if students prepay for a block of three or more lessons.

Finally I offer students a free lesson if a referral engages me for three or more lessons (maximum of three free lessons).

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Mluvím těmito jazyky:
English (Native), German (B.2), French (A.2)

Záliby a zájmy:

My hobbies include spy novels and films, food and wine, and singing.  I enjoy learning languages (Czech will be my fourth langauge, but I am still a beginner).  I also enjoy almost any kind of wordplay, puns or riddles.

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Denver, Colorado

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I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.  My major concentration was International Economics.

I got my Juris Doctor degree from Washington and Lee University School of Law, which is ranked the 26th best law school in the United States, out of over 200 law schools. In law school I was a staffwriter for the Washington and Lee Law Review, an academic journal about the law. 

In Denver, Colorado I practiced law for ten years.  I have worked in small and large firms, and I also have experience working inside businesses.  I am still licensed to practice in Colorado (although I do not).  I am even admitted to appear before the United States Supreme Court.


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CAE, Právnická angličtina, Obchodní angličtina, Angličtina pro začátečníky, Pokročilá angličtina, Konverzace v angličtině,

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Renault, ING, ALPIQ

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United States

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1 - 3 roky