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členka od: 2018  |  poslední přihlášení: 18/10/2019

Národnost: malajská
Vyučovaný jazyk: ~ English ~
Město: Praha
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Aina Shafeii

Národnost: malajská
Vyučovaný jazyk: ~ English ~
Město: Praha
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Looking for an English teacher to help polish your language skills? Or perhaps to introduce the language to your kids? Maybe you'd like to sit for an English exam? Whatever it is, i'm here to help you! 
I am a TEFL-certified English teacher experienced in teaching grammar and conversational lessons. I am also certified to teach young learners so if you are looking for someone to teach your kids, I can be the one! 

Apart from that, I hold a degree in Accounting with Management from University of Bedfordshire, so if you're a university student/ someone in the field looking to learn English in that field, feel free to contact me! 

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Aina is a great teacher and I am very happy to have English conversation lessons with her. English lessons with her are always fun and colorful. Aina is kind and helpful and if I do not understand something, she always willingly explains everything to me. I look forward to every lesson with her and every lesson moves me in English further. Therefore, if you want to learn English in a fun and relaxed way and enjoy English lesson, I would be happy to recommend Aina!:)

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My friend's little sisters were introduced into English by Aina. So that was how I got the contact because at first I actually wanted someone nice and took it easy, preferably a girl that can chat about girly things and not be too hard teacher. Here, other reviewers are claiming Aina is nice indeed and I can agree of course, but, on the other hand, she knows how to be a very strčit teacher when needed! I told her I wanted just few short lessons to polish my almost perfect English for my IELTS test. I really thought I was just fine, but she proved me wrong wery quickly. And then she asked me if I really wanted that score and if I really was about to do something for it. I replied yes and the terror started :-D Within 10 weeks of intensive training I was able to improve my score vastly, all thanks to Aina and her teaching… Gorgeous! It wasn't easy but I actually enjoyed it - can't remember last time I experienced such feeling, definitely this wasn't in school. Thank you, Aina, not enough stars to rate here :-)

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super professional while still so nice and calm always on time, always ready to roll perfect and swift communication also, still can chat about girly things :-)

I have bought many student books over the years but was permanent beginner. This teacher really changed that rapidly, helped me to choose the right ones from my collection (so I didn't have to buy any more books!) and using them the right way. After just a month with two lessons weekly I think the improvement was clearly visible, I became able both to speak and understand people speaking. Conversation is now possble while it was a nightmare for me before! Really can recommend Mrs. Shafeii, best teacher creature I know :)

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Aina has been my private teacher since early 2018 and I can recommend her to everyone from people like me who needed help with my scientific papers and presentations to people like my 8 y.o. son who needed help with the basics. I think this is kind of rare for a teacher to have ability to work with students such different but Aina obviously has got qualification and experience to succeed in very diverse areas of teaching. Really happy I've found someone so competent after several less satisfying experiences in the past. Also, Aina is always on time, nice and well prepared to make your lesson a very gratifying time.

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- great value for the money - having one teacher for more family members saves time nicely

I have private lessons with Aina. She always have materials and activities ready for the lesson. We have never had a situation where we didn`t know what to do next. Aina is very time flexible and patient teacher. She also always comes on time. She is just amazing! I can only recommend her. Thanks to Aina, I started to enjoy English again.

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I came to the Czech Republic with no plans on staying further but after a week of being in Prague, I immediately fell in love with the beauty the city has to offer! The people are some of the nicest and it's very easy to commute to anywhere in the city. 

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I love to read and discover new music. I also play the guitar and love exploring the city! 

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