Teachers FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – Teachers

Q: I want a teaching job. What do I do?

A: Go to a language school! Teacher Creature is different. It’s a website where you post your teacher profile and students write you if they want lessons with you. You and the student arrange all the details, from price to where and when you’ll meet.

Q: I want my profile to be on your site. What do I do?

A: Click here and follow the instructions:https://czech-republic.teacher-creature.com/cs/user/register/teacher

Q: How much does it cost to put my profile on Teacher Creature?

A: The first month is free. After that, it’s $20 for ever additional 30 days.

Q: How many students are on the site?

A: On average, about 100 new students register each month. Many more are return students.

Q: What if I go on vacation or my schedule gets full? Can I pause my profile?

A: Yes. When you’re logged in, just click on “Manage my account” in the top menu and click on “suspend my account.” When you suspend your profile, you will not be charged again after your 30-day period ends, but you can reactivate your profile any time.

Q: What if I post my profile and don’t get any students?

A: I rarely meet a teacher who tells me he/she didn’t get at least one student. But when this does happen, it’s usually because the teacher didn’t really make an effort; for example, no profile picture.

And there are slow times and busy times and sometimes it takes more than 30 days to find the right price or profile description that gets students to respond.

If you’d like feedback on your profile, write me an email at:office@teacher-creature.com

You can also get some good tips in the teacher guides (the download link is in the footer).

But if you’ve posted a decent photo and written a profile description and replied to all your emails and still haven’t got a student, I don’t want to make money if you’r not making money so send me an email and I’ll give you a refund.

Do you have any questions I didn’t answer? Write me an email at:office@teacher-creature.com